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2019 ASRA Nationals

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  • 2019 ASRA Nationals

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    Couple of pics from Broken Hill for interest.


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      The organising for the Nationals is coming together so we will be very happy to hear from you. Please email the club email address and let us know if you are coming and where you intend staying.

      See the attached mud map of the strip with location and strip details. Remember this is a private strip by invitation only (individual invitations not required for the Nationals) and not an ALA so you should satisfy yourself it is safe for your operation before you use it. We are inside the YBHI CTAF so check your ERSA.

      The facilities and catering on site will be basic and well suited to camping or your caravan. Portable toilets, showers, fire and bbq facilities on site from Thursday 18th April 2019 until Tuesday 23rd April 2019 to cater for early and late arrivals and departures. Basic food and drinks will be available on site from Friday afternoon until Monday morning with cash only. There is no cost to camp. We are negotiating with a local cab company to do a deal for their "maxi cab" for shared transport for those who want to stay in town. It is 20km from the hangar to the Broken Hill Post Office.

      The focus will be on flying, exploring, and the usual activities that are known to go on in the bush! We are expecting a contingent of bush pilots who are rarely seen in public! Families welcomed.

      Broken Hill is located near the South Australian border and is particularly dry at the moment. Our mean April daytime temp is apparently 24 however it has been known to get into the mid 30s. Overnight temps in the teens but can get colder. There are particular issues flying in remote areas so please prepare yourself for a trek such as this.

      For interest sake can you post a picture of your machine that you will be bringing, in the forum or even put it on the Facebook and talk about your trip plans. Please pass this onto those who don't come here very often.

      There are not many of us at the club (3 active recreational Gyronaughts) so will need lots of helpers during the event but we are very exited to have the sport coming back to Broken Hill this year. A BIG thanks to Rick and the ASRA team for your support.

      From Warwick, Graeme, Jenny, Dave, Phil, Grant and Mark - SCRAC


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        I'm go'n to do my darnest to get there. Booked my hols,just wait'n for my air craft to get fixed for the event. I'll be more than happy to lend a hand


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          G'day Waraton,

          I did email you re my attendance a long time ago, but to be sure, I should be there on Thursday PM until Monday, camping at the strip please. Just me and the Butterfly.

          I'm told I'm a "special needs" pilot but I can't remember why!

          See you there, all being well.

          In aviation, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!


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              Well Waddles my Mrs reckons I'm needy and I reckon I'm special so you will fit in out here! Photos today are of our club hangar with a resident trike preparing for departure in the foreground and my 1997 open frame Rosco. As well as the trike we have several 3 axis fixed wing aircraft and various gyrocopters hangared and operating from the strip. I got my certificate last year and am loving the flying that gyrocopters offer. I first went for a TIF with Jacko in early 2000s and he frightened me so much I never went back.

              When my friend Dave decided he was going to go for his instructors rating I flippantly told him I would be his first student not thinking he was serious. We both stick to our word so I learnt with him in a 2 seat gyroscopic rotorcraft. It took me at least 15 hours to understand the landings and I went solo at 20 hours. That was very intimidating getting out of the training aircraft and then jumping in a single seat machine for your first solo. The young blokes seem to pick things up much easier.

              I have focused on practicing the gyro flight training syllabus and improving my skills as each week goes past. I have had a couple of minor rotor scares along the way which reinforces the importance of flying the machine until the rotor is stopped. This morning I was practicing slow flight along the strip and will have a crack at vertical descending next time we get a stiff southerly down the strip. I am splitting my practice with local area flights, there are so many nooks and crannies with old buildings, abandoned mine sites, rock gorges to explore in this area, every time I fly I find something new.

              I marvel at the piloting skills possessed by the gyro pilots who fly on their properties mustering, checking stock,water inspections etc, it is not unusual that they can fly 1000 hours a year or more. Hopefully we will get a number of these men to come along to the Nationals as well.

              Pass the word!
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                Keep at it Waraton u'll get there! The only way you get to be a good pilot is fly as much as u can and try a few differant manuvers as u get beta


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                    ASRA 2 low res.pdf

                    The latest promo poster for the Nationals.


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                        How come all these photos are so damn small?


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                          Hi Tim, Does Rosco know that you marked his place on the map?
                          I am not sure of the optimum size to post a image. If the file size is too big, the image will be small on the forum.
                          Remember: no matter where you go, there you are


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                            Hi Ross. Surely all the images here are different file sizes yet they are all equally small. On other forums I frequent most of the images are the full width of the post?