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    O'l mate and I just picked up a gyro not flown for 8 or so yrs. EA81 engine. Bit of corrosion. We had to virtually jump on the bar and sing a duet for it. The builder was a bit of a nurd. Used to do a computor impact study before going to the toilet. I'm at present stripping it to make it lighter. The dash contained an hr. mtr. - Exhaust Temp. - coolant pressure gauge - Coolant temp. - oil temp. - RPM - Altimeter - ASI - Manifold vacuum - Rotor RPM - alt and oil light - oil press. Fuel flow. Why the hell do you require a coolant pressure gauge
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    I once used a water pressure idiot light Max, so I would have a little more time to sort landing. It earnt it's keep one evening when I allowed an air bubble to stay in the ej 22.

    Aussie Paul.
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      Those EJ's sure don't like air bubbles. I find air problems show up during warm up or take off. I watch the temp. like a hawk during takeoff and as soon as the thermostat starts regulating at 88 deg. I know i'm good for go.


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        Just found another insrument covered in spider webs. The wires disappear into the rotor head. Must be for monitoring bearing condition


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          G'day Max, the coolant pressure gauge detects any leak in the coolant system. The pressure should always sit on the pressure written on the radiator cap (eg 15psi or whatever the metric equivalent is). Most modern engines run run hotter thermostats than older engines which makes it imperative that they maintain pressure in the system to give them a higher boiling temperature.


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            I'll leave the gauge in place then. As long as the pipe doesn't blow and send the craft down because it exists


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              I've been testing the coolant pressure gauge. I've become a fan of these gismo's. Dam handy on water cooled engines that are prone to air locks Been in the motor trade for 44 yrs. and never seen one before.