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Minimum Teeter angle.

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  • Minimum Teeter angle.

    Can any one inform me as to the minimum teeter angle acceptable before the hub bar meets the rotor head stops?

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    G'day Max,

    Not sure which angle you're talking about. Teeter angle is commonly referred to as the angle between the hub-bar and the teeter stops. It has nothing to do with the head stops. The head stops refer to the total fore and aft movement of the head alone. i.e. the total movement fore and aft when you move the stick. I suspect you know this but just got the terms confused.

    For teeter angle, ASRA recommends a minimum of 16 degrees total. For the head movement, ASRA recommends a minimum of 16 degrees total, however, traditionally, this figure has been accepted as 18 degrees total. Personally, my head movement goes from -2 degrees with the stick full forward, to 18 degrees with the stick fully aft, a total of 20 degrees of movement.




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      Thanks waddles. I purchased a set of Ak's and placed them on a J/Allen rotor head. The teeter was only about 6deg. Kevin said it should be a min. of seven. I have since made spacers to raise the towers a quarter inch and fixed the problem. My wife has just retired after 29 yrs. with Gov. We are putting out our For Sale sign and hope to one day purchase 50 acre's or so somewhere inland from MaryBorough. Try to for fill the dream of having a flying machine by the back door
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        See you soon Max.