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Propeller identification woes

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  • Propeller identification woes

    Hi everyone.
    I need help in correctly identifying the propeller on my EJ25 powered gyro. I have no info on it at all and I can find no identifying marks or makers name on either the hub or the blades. It is a brand new (never flown) 3 blade, ground adjustable prop with stainless steel leading edges. I have included a photo, the best that I have at the moment, but I can get better ones if need be. I have trolled the internet and the closest I can come visually to mine is the KOOLprop. . . . . . . . .it looks like a dead ringer but, how do I know for sure? Is there some way I can positively ID the maker as KOOLprop? Once I can 100% solve this issue, regardless of who the manufacturer turns out to be, I will need that info to get the correct specifications of the prop so I can correctly mount, adjust and tension it.
    Any help gratefully accepted as this is too important to simply take a guess at.
    Many thanks

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    Have you taken the prop apart and looked at the hubs and the inboard ends of the blades for a S/N?

    Looks like the blade covers are on in the photo?

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