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The Best Gyroplane facility in the world ?

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  • The Best Gyroplane facility in the world ?

    Hi all,I spent the day today at Kirkbride airfield in the North of England, interviewing English CFI Chris Jones for an upcoming Gyro News story.I can honestly say I have never seen a better set up anywhere. I'll gladly take on information to the contrary.Here's a summary.Privately owned by 3 Gyro pilots.Covers about 100 acres (i'll confirm this)Situated in Unrestricted airspaceWas a maintenance facility for the RAF from before WW2Surrounded by about 10 of the biggest hangars I've ever seen.Has a 1400m+ sealed main runway 48m wide. (yes 48m)700m grass cross runway with an extra 400m sealed at one end.Home of the North West Gyro Club with approx 50 members.Britain's only full time CFI (really full time) 6 .5 days a weekHe flew 700 training hours last summer.Brand new hangar with 20+ immaculate gyro's inside including 6 brand new Spanish ELA-73 Level Control tower, Office in the base, briefing room on the first floor, Viewing room on the Top. Beautiful old cast iron twisting staircase.A heated (important) lounge room with kitchen and WC.And its all situated near the coast and the Lake district.And its used exclusively by Gyroplanes. (other types are welcomed of course)I could go on and on, but I'll save it for the magazine.Also , last year a TV production company did a 1/2 hr Documentary on the facility and the club which I have been given a copy of, and permission to pass out a few copies.PS I'm not married yet but soon (3 weeks). If you feel like sending a toast/roast for the reception feel free to email me directly on I promise not to edit them.........cheersArtArt SpinkGyroNews EditorWyangala/Maroubra NSW