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    What are the rules if an ASRA registered gyro and pilot turns up in NZ? Do the KIWI"s except our qualifications and are the airspace rules similar to here?

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    Yea........keen to know too. We is keen to take the beast over and give them southern alps a real workout. Max ol son......think up a way to set the gyros on skis.......(snow)Must be quick attach and allow me wheels to still be there. Me
    If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time


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      I worked at Ardmore in NZ for 2.5 yrs around 1970 and all that time there was a gyro with a mac. 2 stroke 4 cly. engine sitting in a hanger that someone imported but civil aviation refused to allow it to fly. Hope things have changed in 40 yrs.


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        They seem to import quite a few s/h machines from the uk to Nz , so mustn"t be too bad .


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          G"day Max,Dog and Russell, Your flight certificate would be accepted there, the machine would most likely have to be inspected to make sure that it meets the requirements for either a class 1 or class 2 microlight , Gyro"s are covered by the microlight rules, they have a "R " registration, meaning rotorcraft. The air space works very similar, circuits are 600ft AGL rejoin height is 1500AGL. In NZ there are 2 factions that are able to control microlight flying. Sac and Ranz. If any person that is going to NZ for a visit, give me a call and I"ll be able to give you some contacts, in either Island. Darrell Jones