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October long weekend (3rd to 5th) Lameroo SA

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  • October long weekend (3rd to 5th) Lameroo SA

    Hi all,Just letting everyone know that the SA Rotor Club Inc. is hosting its last scheduled flyin for 2009 at Lameroo which will be held over the October long weekend here in SA which runs from Saturday the 3rd to Monday the 5th.We have a clubhouse, cooking facilities, showers / toilets, camping on site and an extremely gyro friendly area in which to fly.Generally this is a BYO food and beverages event, but if anyone flying in requires assistance with food and beverages we can assist, but plenty of prior notice will be required to ensure supplies are obtained.

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    Having been to Lameroo for the Nationals, I can say its one top spot for gyro flying. The amenities at Kevins is top class and what you cant find there, its only a few K"s into town for the rest.Could be a few interesting new comers this year I hear !


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      G’day Brian,Thanks for pushing the barrow regarding Lameroo.


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        Was talking to the owner of the green RAF, a former student of Kevins a few weeks ago and he at that stage was going to fly the RAF down.Dont think Rosie and I will get there as we have our annual race meeting that same weekend but I know which one I would rather be at. Its difficult to forget the great time that we had at Lameroo when you guys hosted the nationals, top spot, great organizing, just extremely well done !!