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Tassie Flying at Cranbourne Saturday 10th October, 2009.

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  • Tassie Flying at Cranbourne Saturday 10th October, 2009.

    Looks like Saturday will be a great day for flying here in Tassie. Nothing more than 10 knots all day.I will be out at the airfield from 7.30 am till 1.30 pm.Trying to organise for Nigel (X-Air), Geoff (Raptorr Gyroplane) and George and Mez (2 seat trike) to attend.Any gyroplane enthusiasts from Tassie wanting to catchup, Saturday 10th Oct, 2009 is the go!Mitch.03

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    Sean Anthony (ASRA Member) from Weipa FNQ is in Tassie at the moment and is coming out to Cranbourne tomorrow to checkout the Monarch and MLS pre-rotator. Bill Hills can not make it up unfortunately.Have not heard back from anyone else. There should be plenty of activity out there tomorrow given the forecast.I will be at Cranbourne from 7.30am till 1.30pm, the weather looks perfect. ;DMitch.


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      Geoff Blackberry will be there at 8.30am to fly his Raptorr gyroplane.Nudge will fly in around 9.00am, dont know if he is flying his X-Air or one of his two trikes.Will be two gyros and quite a few fixed wingers for sure.All are welcome. ;DMitch


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        There were plenty of aircraft out at Cranbourne on the weekend as I suspected due to a fine day. At one point I counted 7 aircraft on the ground and about 9 turned out throughout the day.I got there early to do some checking on the Monarch before meeting up with Sean Anthony from FNQ. As it turned out I had spark plug and radio issues and missed the group fly around and beach landing.Sean helped me get the Monarch sorted and I went for a "blap", although she was running smooth enough when I got back, we did have problems starting her each time.Long story short......Sean took the Monarch for a test fly and although he (like others) had issues with the sensitivity of the tail, he said he loved the Monarch. Flew great.No stick shake.MLS is awesome/impressive.Climbs great.Loved the pedal setup.Sean is a big fella and with 30 litres of fuel on board the Monarch performed very well.Just prior to my last flight a seat belt loop went through my prop, so I bought it home and after consulting with me mate Rob, I have repaired the damage today.There are pictures in the photo section of Saturdays activities.Cheers,Mitch