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Flying out of Cranbourn to Bridport/Beach return Sunday Jan 24th 2010

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  • Flying out of Cranbourn to Bridport/Beach return Sunday Jan 24th 2010

    G"Day Fellas,Anyone in Tassie up the northern end, please be advised;2 gyroplanes 1 XAir ultralight1 X LittlewingMustering at Cranbourn around 9.00 am and Departing approx 9.30am for the Flying Tea Pot at Bridport, returning via the coast, weather is suppose to be reasonable.Call 03 63834908, might be a spare seat in one of the fixed wings. Mitch.

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    We had a great days flying.2 Gyros and 3 Fixed Wings mustered at Cranbourn and by 9.30 am we we all airbourne and headed for The Flying Tea Pot at Bridport on Bass Strait. Nudge had a spare seat in his XAir. All the seats were spoken for in the other aircraft.Just prior to landing at the Tea Pot, one of the aircraft suffered an inflight, prop hub, fracture and separation, striking the prop, damaging at least 2 of the four blades and taking out the radiator.The pilot called it and then landed his aircraft successfully at idle. So that"s how Nudge"s spare seat came to be known as "Lucky Spare Seat". And we all flew home together........after Beach Landing and shooting some more video of another aircraft flying along the beach.Upon arriving back at Cranbourn and getting the Boys to help me "de-blade" before they "shot through", a fella walked past and said, "G"Day Mitch".I did not recognise the bloke, so we re-aquainted, he was piloting one of the other fixed wings. Turns out I had spoken with Dave Woods prior to the Easter Nationals. Good Friday morning early.Fella said he would come up if he and his three sons could get a TIF. Turns out he did, they did and they all, bar one, flew in both Neils tandem ELA and Bruce"s side by side NEWO.Bruce ole Mate, Dave and his boys had a great time and he said his young fella was with you on the last run. Said to say thanks for a great experience and he is still thinking about gyros.Monarch is home for suspension upgrades...hope to be back flying with the boys and gals in two weeks or shortly after.Will post video next day or so.Mitch