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  • The devil,s work!

    [img][/img]And it will have a radio.

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    woops. wrong picture!


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      I hope this works.


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        looking good daryl !Be interesting to see how the balance works out (on the ground) wheels look quite far back compared to the Littlewing frames (with a similar engine)Keep us informed.cheersArt


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          Art.With aeroplanes the undercarriage should be about 13 to 17 degrees forward of the c of g. In laymans term" you"ll know when it is too far back by the sound of smashimg propellor. Too far forward and the ground handling gets "squirrelly" and your asking for a ground loop. Mine is set at 20 degrees. Thats asking for trouble in a fixed wing, but it shouldn"t be too bad with a gyro"s slow landing speed. I put it that far forward for the engine driven pre-rotator to avoid the tail coming up during pre-rotating. Could someone let me know if this is not correct for gyros please.


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            Daryl,May I suggest that you have a side on look at the cierva, pitcairn and kellet gyros to see what their probable geometry is. If you run a line down through the rotor head and the thrust line it should be near to the cog. Then check their geometry against yours.Hope this helps.Nic.