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What the hell is going on?

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  • What the hell is going on?

    I went to Kotta on the weekend. Stuff all members there. I went to Kotta in June. Stuff all members there.We seem to have all the time in the world for ***** fighting, dobbing each other in, outright factional warfare and generally carrying like a bunch of 8 year olds with a keg of red cordial. Yet most of the members cant seem to be able to make the effort to fly and socialise with other members.I shall endevour to go the the next meeting to ask what the hell is going on.

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    What"s going on...... ???Daryl, come to the Tassie National Championships Easter 2009, best socialising event going. ;DPerhaps when you go to you next meeting you could rustle up some enthusiasm amongst the VIC" members to attend. Good Luck with that.Mitch.


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      Hello GregIf the boys can,t be bothered going 2 hours up the road, interstate might be a bit difficult. Mind you Tassie is a great spot, I"ve been there about 10 times so far and it"s the only other state I would concider living in. Ever notice that the further north you go, the stanger the locals get. Must be too much sunlight or something.Don"t get me wrong about the Vic boys. They are a good bunch of blokes and I am happy to asociate with any and all of them. Theres a fair bit of silliness going on at the moment and it can do the club no good at all. I think the best way the find an answer is to ask a question. Anyone with an answer please go to the next meeting. I am interested in everyone"s opinion on my observations.Daryl Patterson


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        Hi DarylSorry to hear of the poor attendance at Kotta this past weekend. Unfortunatly all VSRA committee members, including myself, and several non committee members never got a gernsey. So yes the club has some serious issues with certain indaviduals which "WILL" be sorted out next meeting, I promise you that. Would be great to have you attend, and I"m very interested in shareing some of your observations with our members !!!!!Regards SamL.....


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          In theory it should be simple. If all the club members came to the next meeting. And we all left our egos at the door. and we all have a say on what sort of a club we want. And (this is the tricky part), if we all open our ears and genuinely listen to each other. Then a lot of things can get clear up really quickly and the club and all the members can benefit.There is no crisis or anything like that. It"s just that I think there is too much (blokey ego driven)silliness going on at the moment and no good can come of it.