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Gyro flight training for pilot licence

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  • Gyro flight training for pilot licence

    Who does Gyro flying training and all that is associated with obtaining a gyro flying licence that is or might be located reasonably close to me, I'm located in Noble Park. I am hoping that I could do at least the theory could be done reasonably close to me. To answer a couple of questions no I have never had a licence of any sort and no I have not flown in a gyro before, I have flown in a other small fixed wing craft and smaller helicopters, but not gyros, I would like to build one (2 seater) and of course fly it, so I need to start somewhere. thanks to anybody for their help, I am aware of Paul in Ballarat but I'm not sure of his status at this time. Also Ballarat is quite a distance from here, I was hoping for a little closer to home.

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    Email me for further information EvansSecretary-Registrar