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Near new 2 seater wanted

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  • Near new 2 seater wanted

    All, will be finishing my lessons soon so want to get into my own machine without too much delay from finishing lessons (ETA by Xmas). I'm looking for the following:
    1) Prefer a tandem but would consider a side by side (eg. Magni)
    2) Enclosed with the option to have a summer windscreen (or remove doors)
    3) 914
    4) Condition more important than hours or age

    If you have a machine that you are considering letting go that might be suitable, please contact me via the PM system in the forum (or post here). Thanks.

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    Bump, still looking for a suitable machine to buy.


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      I asume you've seen the latest Gyro News Deandob. (Summer 2017) There's a few 'Bath Tubs' for sale.


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        Max, you mean the 'EuroTubs' as I have seen them affectionately called around here

        Yes - made a number of phone calls, nothing definite yet, so still on the lookout. Hoping to secure a eurotub by New Year!


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          Yes Deandob, the Eurotubs are so easy to fly I recon I could have trained an Orangatang to fly one. (Personally I like a craft with a back wheel or skid)