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Engine tuning.

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  • Engine tuning.

    Finally got my EJ25 running good. Microtech electronics. Tied the craft to a tree and went to full throttle and adjusted the figure's. Fuel consumption up a bit but runs nice and smooth as.

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    Are you using and AFR system for your tuning?



    • mad max
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      Excuse my ignorance Waddles. What is AFR? I just listened to the motor. I installed a Fuel air ratio meter and wired it to an extra O2 sensor. But it doesn't make any sense to me. Each future flight I will drop the overall mixture by one per cent until the consumption is reasonable.

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    Air Fuel Ratio Max. I just fitted a system to my EJ25 and am in the process of tuning it. What ratios are you setting up please? So far, around the 12.9 : 1 seems to be working OK on mine, but haven't done any serious fuel consumption checks yet.


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      My AFR meter seems to be not working Waddles. I don't get to flight test very often as I have to trailer my craft 15km away where there is a fire trail. I'm still looking at land out your way to hopefully for- fill a life time dream of having my aircraft at my door step.