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  • Best Chinese Tractor?

    Once again I know they don"t fly and could tow a gyroglider..... but does anyone have any experience with dongfeng, onehunglow type tractors or any other sort?I"ve seen an Appollo and Agricat 45-50 hp with 4 in 1 bucket for around $22K brand new! Are they any good tho?Hoges

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    Hoges,These little Tractors are great for zooming about and picking things up. But they are built light. I dont think that one or another are much better than any but the 50 hp deadong is a handy little 4WD tractor, every thing works and they are easy to operate.having said that, I bought a secondhand positrack loader for heaps less than a chineese tractor and is about 50 times more handyMark.


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      Buy a skidsteer and dont waste your money. They are 10 times more efficient and can do more. I dont know how I survived without one for so long. I"ve worn one Bobcat out and am now on my second. Buy yourself a hobby farm Scott? Ken


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        Mark, I haven"t heard of the Deadong. Dose that come out of the same chinese region as the onehunglo? The Appollo (Changfa) looks allright and a bit more solid than the Agricat and I have spoken to a guy at Goulburn who has put 130 hours on one and reckons it goes well.Back at Bugong again Ken after a few years absence and now I gotta go join that Nat"s Party again (only kidding). Come down and flyin but let me pick up your trailer first for the trip home as the strip"s is a bit short about 100 metres between 20 metre gummies!I keep looking at it from all different angles but it"s just not going to work.Are you guys doing much flying?Hoges