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flyin at Bedervale, Jan long weekend

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  • flyin at Bedervale, Jan long weekend

    Hey Groovers,Sam Polyak and I were having a chat the other day and thought it might be a good idea to have a get together at my new digs, "Bedervale" , which is right next to the town of Braidwood, NSW (Southern Tablelands), by car, 45 minutes east of CanberraThe new strip is right out the front of my national trust listed "shack" and is now "operational", not quite as bumpy as the strip I had at Jinglemoney, but it does have a dogleg before it runs downhill for the last 300 mtrs. (not a problem when you get off in the first 300!)Anyway, flying is pretty good in the area, alt 2300ft, great divide to the west (about 12 miles) and a 40 min fly down to the south coast, land at Moruya and great beaches to have a look at.Unfortunately there are not many sheds on the place but plenty of room to camp and tie down machines, or you could doss down in the loft of the 1830"s two storey brick stables. My wife Sonia also runs B&B here which helps pay for the maintenance of the "shack". There are two rooms with double and single beds so If you want to share with your gyro mates you wont have to run the risk of sharing your tent with a overly friendly cow in the tent area. Afternoon beers and BBQ on the front verandah.So if you are looking for a get together this could be what you want. If you want to have a look at where we are, type Bedervale, Braidwood into Google.Regards,Mark.

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    Should be good.


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      Hi Disco,the strip is East West, the western end goes down hill. Prevailing wind is westerly. If you dont have anchors, it doesnt matter because the downhill flattens out for the last 70 meters or so. If you still cant pull up, it is OK because there is a Waratah aircraft arrest system (fence) that will stop anybody continuing into the gully/ creek.I flew off here yesterday with a fairly good Nor Easter, uphill and was off before the dog leg, no trouble at all and landing on the top of the strip in front of the shack which is nice and flat.The only thing to watch out for is the powerline which is on the northern side of the strip, so all approaches are from the south and is the reason for the dogleg.Having said all that, it is an easy strip and all things are goodRegards,Mark.


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        Sounds awesome Mark.