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Rotor balance and tracking course

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  • Rotor balance and tracking course

    Folks, a group of West Australian gyro pilots/tech advisers have just completed 3 days of informative and practical exercises using the PB4 rotor balancing tool. Thanks must go to our ASRA Committee members for their foresight in organising this opportunity.
    The presenter from France, Mr Mike Goodrich has a world of experience and great teaching skills (along with patience) to get the group to finely balance a Magni and a Kallithea machine rotor systems back to very acceptable levels of flying enjoyment using the PB4.

    I hope the Crow eaters, Vics, NSWelshmen and the bananabenders get as much out of this presentation as we have.
    The thinking is that these newly trained people will be able to assist and pass their skills onto other ASRA members while creating a data base of results which will assist others in their pursuit of perfectly flying rotors and propellers.

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    Glad you enjoyed it chook and were able to get some value from the course.

    In aviation, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!


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      Was using and reinforcing our learnings while balancing a new Kallithea gyro rotor this last weekend.
      Good fun.
      Waddles were you able to attend?
      Are you back in Australia? We need to get that Xcom radio to you!



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        Still away Chook. Back in about a month.


        In aviation, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!


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          Hi Chook,

          All four courses were completed with stunning results on a number of machines. A very happy but weary Mike Goodrich is back home in France recuperating after three weeks of dealing with our unique Aussie humour.
          As you know the Kallithea presented some problems due to its sketchy pitch adjustment and the TAG’s were also difficult to balance without the special tool required to adjust chord wise balance accurately.
          The main thing I got out of the course was that balance and tracking can be scientifically analysed by a dynamic balancer and one per rev vibration can be all but eliminated.
          I look forward to teaching the skills I have learnt to others.

          Cheers. Rick