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SEQGC August Flying Weekend

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  • SEQGC August Flying Weekend

    SEQGC August flying weekend is being held at Wondai - Aug 12th-13th.

    As usual - Weather permitting!!!! Cancellations will be advised on this website.

    For more info contact or the Secretary

    Watts Bridge Home Base Groups Web Page and
    Club Web Page

    Quck fly around Wondai

    Glider Flight at Wondai

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    I hear newcomers are welcome to come along, have a chat and look at the various machines at the airfield, so I'll come along for the day on Saturday.


    • RossM
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      Editing a comment
      ask the guys for a fly in the gyro glider too, Dean
      Email Bruce (listed above) for a heads up.

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    Will do. I need help with deciding on then locating a suitable gyro for a beginner, so am hoping to get some pointers at the club meet.


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      Glider will be in use over the weekend.


      In aviation, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!


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        Gotta have a go at the glider one day.......I heard a story about a bloke that use to teach in a glider. On a windy day he would tie it to a fence and let his students play while he went home for lunch, he unfortunately fell asleep at home and when he finally made it back to the airfield his student was exhausted but still flying.
        Probably not true, but I thought it was hilarious 😂


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          Hilarious indeed. I definitely got a mental image!
          Always carry a flask of whiskey in case of snakebite......and furthermore, always carry a small snake!


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            Had a good day on Saturday, headed up to Wondai to meet with the SEQGC members, ask questions and look at the machines up there. Also had a go at the gyro glider which was a lot of fun (as well as getting some guidance from Bruce) and seemed to be the main activity for the day with a queue of people lining up for a go!

            It was great to meet everyone - Allan, Bruce, Robo, Ian, Justin (who had lots of interesting stories about his gyro adventures), Darrell, Keith and Filthy.


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              Here is a short video of the gyro glider


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                Looks like a lot of fun, just needs a motor.