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Help - Rotor RPM needle highly erratic/jumps. MTO Sport

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  • Help - Rotor RPM needle highly erratic/jumps. MTO Sport

    OK technical guru"s - I need your help.I have a rotor RPM gauge that shows max rpm on start up, flicks all over the place erratically, jumps when I use the trim button, and sometimes settles in flight (just to give me some hope). Driving me nuts.I have checked the sensor gap at the rotor head, checked the connection at the rotor head and on the gauge.My question: could it be a faulty gauge, sensor or something in between? What steps should I take to get it sorted?ANY help would be appreciated. Bud

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    BudI suspect a power supply problem or a dud guage - are all the magnets (if it has them) there.I have a TDR and multi-meter for finding cable faults if needed.Gerry had issues with his tacho and they were fixed with new magnets.Call me if you need a hand - 04683 24683Nic.


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      Hey thanks Nic. I heard you were a bit of a techguru. Will give you a call.


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        Could be an earthing issue.


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          Just wanted to thank Nick for the 4 hours he put in last night trying to help me sort this issue out. We are getting closer to working it out. Thanks again Nick, for genius stuff you did.


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            Bud,Nyet Problema. :-)I think the chinese guage will fix it...,Cheers,Nic.