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Stability,Pusher verses tractor.

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  • Stability,Pusher verses tractor.

    Had an interesting conversation with an Engineer (not sure whether mechanical,civil or whatever) a while back who is building a tractor gyro. Well done says I.All was going well until he informed me that pushers were dangerous and that tractor is the way to go because the prop "pulls" the gyro through the air and is a lot more stable and cant PPO. After politely correcting him and him saying pusher gyros should be banned I decided his physics were different than what I learnt at school so I gave up.Some things to consider if building a tractor type gyro,The prop at the front or back of a gyro makes no difference to the stability,it will be equally unstable/stable depending on how high above the COG the thrust-line is.A tractor must be streamlined or the drag of the propeller thrust hitting exposed parts of fuselage will easily outweigh the "clean" thrust and it wont fly.Pusher gyros aren"t that critical, i.e. dirty air into a prop isn"t as much of a problem.You can design a pusher gyro with the horizontal stabilizer just a far back as you can with a tractor type.A pusher gyro is just as fast as a tractor type.

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    Speaking of tractors Muz... when are you going to fly your little wing again?