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    Hey Max Back on energy. Sorry i know its random but i found a UNI professor Talking about it and they have observed something that doesn't follow the conservation law and yet to be understood.The conservation law states that you cannot create nor destroy energy it simply changes from one state to another. OK fair enough that also covers the 100% efficiency law also as there is a small loss like heat or friction, ok also fair enough that's why perpetual motion is not possible.except earth of cause. BUT they have observed a model that defies the law and have measured what seems a very slight gain. The inventor well...he dead. So what did he discover. We all know how to make hydrogen using electrolysis. Discovered long time ago. What this fella was doing was injecting a 20KHZ frequency across the electrodes and producing abundant hydrogen far more than direct current. WOW why aren't we using it... oh that's why it's TOOO efficient can't and well... look what happened to the inventor. The phenomenon is called ZERO POINT ENERGY. It has been observed and cant be explained.Tesla first observed it and wanted to continue this research but it blew up his lab and no one wanted to support his work and money flow dried up. I was thinking about your rotor as well i was wondering if you equalized the leading edge of the advancing blade with the back edge of the retreating blade with a series of perpetrated holes connected by a fixed tube, channel, or duct what would that do for the teeter imbalance or efficiency of the rotor may also help VNE pending on the positioning of the port holes. I'm also thinking compressed air jets would help get rotor up to speed. I'm not suggesting experimental application on your flying machine just ideas. A big servo motor at the hub would work wonders too like the ones you get out of front loader washing machines you would need to build a driver circuit for it but not too hard they are very efficient compact and powerful much less weight than conventional pre rotators too. My brain hurts now i need rest.LOL
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      Hi Mike
      Conservation law has blown that all away.
      Does not matter what Hz the power is, it is still energy that was already there.
      You cannot make energy from leading edge and take to trailing edge of retreating blade, You would loose energy to friction in the ducting (or build up resistance in front of the advancing blade).
      Physics is not a subject I understood at school.
      Remember: no matter where you go, there you are